A Shameless Plug for a Friend’s Band – Mazes

// September 20th, 2009 // General, Music

Mazes Mazes Mazes bandSo, the other week me and t’other half nipped over to the Lock Tavern in Camden for a nice Sunday lunch and a couple of beers, when randomly an old friend from Manchester walked up to the bar.  Not only was it quite strange to bump into someone I’ve not seen for a while, it was all the more unusual as he lives in Manchester but he was down here.

Anyway, to the point;  as it turns out Jay was playing a gig with his new band Mazes.  Having known Jay for a while and benefitting from a bit of knowledge of his past endeavours (worked with Stephen Fretwell on the successful Magpie album, was part of The Beep Seals – who I love – and has had a hand in some other successful acts) I thought it’d be rude not to stick around to see the Mazes.

As it turned out they were excellent, and I’m not just saying that to support a mate.  From my limited knowledge of the Lock Tavern, it’s not the easiest venue to get booked in and it’s even less the kind of venue where a band could get away with being a bit crap.  Thankfully, I thought they performed very well and it seemed to the rest of the crowd thought so too.

So, if you’ve got a spare few minutes to check out some new music, then pop on over to their website (funny blog) or their myspace and give them a whirl, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

As a precursor to listening, they sound a little like Stephen Malkmus, Pavement, Silver Jews or even a more intense Neutral Milk Hotel – apologies to the band if that comparison is well off – but a better Malkmus and an equal Pavement is what I hear ! :)

Anyway, have a listen and let me know what you think with some comments.

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  1. Simon Finch says:

    Ta for that little recommendation Andy, I had a listen and loved it. Any idea if there’s an album or something? Where can I get hold of it? Tried downloads, even torrents but nothing there, is it for sale online anywhere.

    Oh, also liking that Beep Seals stuff, got as far as “Chariot Song” then ended up listening to it 4-5 times in a row so not really got into any of their other stuff but I expect great things.

    Take care bud.

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